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Optica 4_wm.JPG

Jo S.
Oakland, CA

Love The Library photo. Your eye for pattern, design and the play of light and shadow on textures,  whether in Nature or in man made constructs, shines a new perspective on surroundings we live with and around. Every time I look at this piece I discover something new or different.

The Library


Lubov S.

San Francisco, CA

My attraction to Debra’s photography is because of the unusual look of her work. It immediately draws you in, making you wonder, “ What is this?” It is beautifully done AND intellectually stimulating. The look, the colors, the metal print speaks to me. It’s edgy, urban and elegant, without being pretentious.


Optica 2_wm.jpg


Bob K.

Austin, TX

Love the clean lines of your work. it is unique & different from what you see from other artists.

Blue Worlds #A.jpg

Trevor W.

San Francisco, CA

One of my favorites. It's that beautiful nexus of art and nature and science!

Blue Worlds #A


Joanne D.
S. Orange, NJ

Debra's photography forces us to look beyond worldly images.  She takes us to new paradigms that delight and intrigue the mind.

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