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MIRA! .jpg

Cheryl T.

San Francisco, CA

I love Debra’s architectural photos. Grabs my eye and makes me move through the photo and then return. Her photography is vibrant and wakes me up to possibilities.  It is fun.




Optica 12_Soar.jpg


Steve W.

San Francisco, CA

The Fluidity round print is just delicious ! I am glad to own several of your photographs. Debra is unique in her ability to take geometric, two-dimensional images and create a sense of flow and movement and curiosity.


Michael S.

Arlington, VA

Debra's artistic expression threads the eye of the needle between the conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche.  It is a visual kaleidoscope inviting curiosity, reflection, awe, and insight.

Roots of Time

Blue  Worlds #C.jpg

Bob and Tony

Palm Springs, CA

Wanted you to know we love your work. Many people have commented on this piece in our living room in Palm Springs. I bought your photo at the AIDS Art benefit. Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece of art.

Blue Worlds #C

Optica 1.jpg

Optica 1


Pat D.

Sonoma, CA

Intricate yet simple. The designs and colors are eye-catching. Your photographs make me beam !

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